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AVT 560 is the examination of the requirements and resources used to plan, fund, and construct airport projects or modifications and to show the airport manager's role in project development. Components and organization of the Airport Master Plan (AMP) and Airport Layout Plan (ALP) are studied in outlines and existing plans to show applicability to local conditions and with emphasis on FAR Part 77 and AC 150/5300-13. Typical projects are reviewed for Airport Capital Improvement Funding and utilization of Computer Assisted Design (CAD). Student case study research will be integrated to assess a project's feasibility.

The Naples Airport Authority has commissioned the development of a comprehensive Strategic Plan for the Naples Municipal Airport. The goal of the Strategic Plan is to review and improve Policy Guiding Documents that will serve to ensure that the management, operations, and development of the Airport are consistent with the established mission and vision.
Compilation of Airport Related Resources

Boulder City Airport Operations Agent

Welcome to the official application examination for the Boulder City Airport Operations Agent position.

Applicants are directed by the Boulder City Human Resources to take an application exam to evaluate professional qualifications competency. It is not the sole determinant of an applicant's selection.

 Access to the test is restricted to only those who have been given a discreet password.

 If you are an applicant and are experiencing difficulty entering the exam, please contact System Administrator at

AVW 4210 is dedicated to assisting the careers of young aviation professionals by developing and enhancing their communication skills

AVW 3060 is designed to enhance the overall communication and writing skills of aviation students through practice regarding various forms of accepted and emerging communication forms used in today’s business culture. This course will cover “traditional” business writing methods including memos, letters, and reports as well as more contemporary forms such as emails, text messaging, and social media content.

AVN 8250 provides an extensive overview of the responsibilities associated with the operation and administration of public airports. Federal policies and regulations, contemporary and emerging issues, and accepted practices related to the operation and management of commercial service and general aviation airports as an integral component of the national and international transportation system will be examined.

AVN 3090 covers the nation's airspace design, navigation and air traffic systems and their effect on airport capacity. Additionally, the national airport system will be investigated as well as airport design and development parameters, fiscal processes, and management considerations.
AVF 4301 - Airport Financial Administration is an advanced study of the financial administration of commercial service and general aviation airports. Areas of emphasis include: historical and legislative background and perspectives, revenue and expense sources, financial and accounting strategies, capital project funding, economic impacts of airports on the community, airport performance measurement standards, and current trends and issues.

Welcome to Airport Finance 101

{And a very special welcome to attendees of the 2016 SEC/AAAE Finance & Administration Conference)

Resources offe'red during the presentation are available for downloading and review

Collaboration Resource for the 2014 UNO FAA Design Competition Team